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Water DTU

Water is a large field at DTU including activities within water technology, water systems, water resources, and water management in an urban, industrial and natural context. The majority of departments at DTU have activities within the water field.

The purpose of Water DTU is to create a joint focus area, taking advantage of possible synergies across departments at DTU. This will increase the quality and extent of research and education within the water field at DTU, and make DTU a stronger collaboration partner for external institutions and industries. 

Water DTU was initiated in spring 2014. To date twelve DTU departments, DTU Diplom and DTU AIS are involved in Water DTU, and more are expected to join. The involved departments and the taskforce can be seen under the Contact-tab.

IWA 2022 in Copenhagen

The International Water Association
(IWA) chose Copenhagen
as venue for the World Water
Congress & Exhibition in 202.
Due to the COVID-19 situation
the event has been moved to
11-15 September 2022.
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Water DTU in DTUavisen

There is an article in DTUavisen about Water DTU - read it here!

The picture in the article is of a special built camera for use in sewers and water pipes.