Water DTU

Surf on the digital wave or be flooded. This is the subtitle of the new DTU sector development report ‘Lad vand og data strømme’ (Let water and data flow), where we propose to see digitalization as a way to kick-start a cross-cutting blue transformation that can make the water industry more efficient and innovative and at the same time less fragmented and more sustainable. The report is in Danish but some follow-up activities will be communicated in English.

Water is a large field at DTU including activities within water technology, water systems, water resources, and water management in an urban, industrial and natural context. The purpose of Water DTU is to create a joint focus area, taking advantage of possible synergies across the departments.

In May 2015 Water DTU had invited current and future collaboration partners and DTU employees for a 1 1/2 day seminar in the Oticon Hall at DTU

Water DTU hosted May 24th-25th 2016 the 2nd Partner Seminar with more than 125 participants.



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with details on the special Water Track that Water DTU had on High Tech Summit in 2019.