Student Projects

Ideas to Student projects related to the water field

At the 2nd Water DTU Internal Seminar the center hosted a Student Project Bazar where students at DTU could look at ideas for various student projects. The student projects came from the departments involved in the Water DTU. The bazar was considered a succes with many students browsing the posterboards with the submitted project ideas.
At this page all the projects and more can be seen and downloaded - just click on one of the titles below - and furthermore there is a contact person listed on the project idea so you know whom to contact.

If you have an idea for a student project please use this template and send the project to

The Student Project Bazar at the Seminar

Can we use soil thermal inertia to map soil moisture from drones

Characterization of high water flux SiC membrane

Characterization of sewer processes with importance for LCA modeling

Characterizing emissions from WWTP

Comparison and benchmarking LCA modeling tools in relation to sustainability management of wastewater system

Combining different sources of rainfall input for on-line flood forecasting

Contaminated sites, risk assessment and uncertainty

Coupling a water balance model with a global evapotranspiration model to assimilate SMAP data

Create and test surrogate models for 1D hydraulic models (MIKE URBAN)

Development of inorganic ultrafiltration layers for membrane reactor applications by Sol-Gel process

DNAPL and dissolved contaminant characterization at contaminated sites

Eco toxicity evaluation of oxidants, oxidant products and quenchers

Effect of groundwater infiltration on water quality in sewers – Næstved case study

Effect of ozonation on genotoxicity of wastewater containing micropollutants

Energy and water production by anaerobic osmotic membrane bioreactor

Environmental assessment, Sustainability assessment of contaminated sites remediation

Evaluation of the effect of ozonation on genotoxicity of swimming pool water

Fate and transport of chlorinated solvents in chalk aquifers

Fate of chlorinated ethenes in aquifers - line of evidence and documentation

Flood pollution and flood control

Impact of smart-grid control on sewer quality and maintenance in Kolding

Impacts of climate change on the energy-water-land use nexus

Impact of smart-grid control on sewer quality and maintenance in Kolding

Implement a volume based 2D flood simulation

Informing a plant chemical uptake model with images from thermal and multispectral cameras

Integrated modelling and control of Odense wastewater systems

Interface Modeling

Life cycle based carbon footprinting of the urban water system of Copenhagen

Life cycle costing of the urban water system of Copenhagen

Mechanistic investigation of diffusion and diffusive isotope fractionation of organic contaminants in aqueous solution

Membrane module design – optimization of forward osmosis biomimetic membrane using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Modelling of micropollutants in combined and separate sewer systems 

Modelling the effects of blue-green urban adaptation

Multipurpose infrastructure; Designing infrastructure such as roads and parking lots for flood protection

Nano-iron for remediation of chlorinated solvent source zones

New spectral indicators of phytoxicity from multispectral and thermal images

Nutrients recovery by forward osmosis - forward osmosis for concentration of anaerobic digester centrate

On-line monitoring of stormwater quality in Venice, Italy

Partitioning between evaporation and transpiration in drylands by different remote sensing models

Pesticide removal in rapid sand filters in waterworks

Position associated to Master Thesis on Semiarid evapotranspiration modeling

Post-processing of NWP for on-line flood forecasting

Proof-of-concept development of a generic model

Reactive transport in porous media

Rehabilitation of the urban water system in Copenhagen

Resource efficiency of the urban water system of Copenhagen

River discharge measurement with airborne PIV (particle image velocimeter)

Simplify hydraulic network models for fast urban flood

Simulations of biomimetic phosphate recovery

Statistical analysis of climate projections

Sustainability assessment of urban water systems multiple criteria decision making

Treatment of ground water for chloroethenes using ozone and perozone

Urban gardening and food safety

UV or ozone treatment of swimming pools for decreased formation of chlorination by-products

Virtual benchmarking of strategies for control of integrated urban drainage wastewater systems

Water recovery by electrodialysis - desalination of diluted solutions using electrodialysis

Water-quality based control of urban wastewater systems

Which are the pollution sources