Flow Loop

The Flow Loop shower panel

In an average European household, showering accounts for 36% of water, 25% of heating and 80% of hot water consumption. This is a large and unnecessary amount of wasted resources, which is addressed by the Flow Loop shower system. The Danish SME Flow Loop IVS has developed a recirculation shower panel allowing remarkable savings on water (up to 85%), energy (up to 75%) and CO2 emissions (up to 75%). The system consists of a unique circulation system through a water pump, a series of self-cleaning micro-filters and a UV purifying lamp. Instead of allowing warm water to be wasted down the drain, the water is collected directly from the floor by temporarily closing the specially designed drain cover.
Flow-Loop participates in a WISE project with DTU Environment, which will perform water quality tests. The project aims primarily at documenting whether the quality of the recirculated water meets current bathing water guidelines.
This documentation is needed in order to begin market entry for Flow Loop. The outcome of the project aims to obtain an indication of 1) what specific improvements must be made to the product to deliver proper water quality; 2) documentation of the necessary water quality parameters in the product, before applying for certifications.