3rd Partner Seminar

Water DTU is hosting its 3rd Partner Seminar

Water DTU will host the 3rd Partner Seminar May 23rd-24th 2017 in Glassalen at DTU, Lyngby Campus.

The format of the seminar will as the previous years be a first half day with high-profile presentations and the second day will be a full day with parallel sessions and workshops.

Both days will include a poster session, where the involved DTU departments presents their research areas, and company exhibitions. 

The WISE project will be an integrated part of the Partner Seminar including hosting several of the workshops.




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DTU Environment
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Previous Seminars

Workshops in the morning

Workshop 1A
WISE project - Experiences & Funding Bazar

Please join us at the workshop and hear experiences from already granted WISE projects. We will invite presenters from industry (SMEs) and researchers (DTU) involved in running projects. After sharing their experiences, we will have a funding bazar where you can mingle and hear about funding opportunities primarily for SMEs. The funding opportunities invited to participate are: WISE, Smart Innovation, SME instrument of H2020, Inno-MT and InnoBooster.

Workshop 2A
International collaboration on water & Membranes
The workshop focuses on design and structuring functional membranes for water treatment and related applications. The invited speakers are well-known in the field of membranes, enzyme technology and processing. This workshop is organized by international network program between Denmark and India, with the aim of stimulating collaboration on membrane and water related applications as well as attract further academic and industrial partners for funding applications.

Workshop 3A

Microplastic has received increasing scientific attention in the past years, with research covering a variety of topics such as e.g. environmental occurrence, effects, fate, (bio)degradation and development and use of alternative materials in products and processes.
The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different DTU departments. In this workshop we will discuss ongoing research activities with the aim of clarifying common interests and areas of future collaboration. The topics of the discussion will be shaped based on the specific interests of the workshop participants. Participants are encouraged to prepare a 5 min presentation on their microplastic-related research activities and interests.

Workshop 4A
Innovative toolboxes for climate resilient planning and design of combined water solutions in cities

Increased risks of flooding caused by e.g. more intensive heavy rains combined with rising groundwater present a major challenge for urban areas in the Nordic countries and worldwide. This workshop will explore different conceptual tools (existing and under development) for building resilience towards floods and rising groundwater levels in cities. In particular, the workshop will focus on innovative toolboxes to help cities embrace emerging opportunities for combined solutions, i.e. for handling storm water, groundwater and sea water, while securing and adding new values to the city and its inhabitants (e.g. through nature-based solutions). Discussions will include new tools to facilitate communication & stakeholder involvement and planning tools for water-sensitive urban design. The workshop is organised in the context of the Climate-KIC ideation project REWAPLATO – REsilient WAter PLAanning Tool.

The workshop will feature six short invited talks followed by discussions and comments and will be concluded by an open discussion.

Workshop in the afternoon

Workshop 2A
WISE-project - Societal needs to be solved & Professional mingling

At this workshop we have invited players within the water area to give us their view point on societal needs which can be solved through a WISE project. The invited speakers come from municipalities, utilities, consultants, the Capital Region and DTU Campus. The topics will be various and in relation to climate change adaptation, water metering, living lab, etc. At the end of the workshop we will facilitate a professional mingling where ideas to solve the societal needs presented earlier will be sketched.